A Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ

What is a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Is it a transaction that occurs in time in which a person, through the Holy Spirit, becomes aware of who Jesus is, and then sincerely declares loyalty to Him as Lord – a transaction upon which the person may look back as the day of personal salvation?

Or is it an ongoing awareness, through the Holy Spirit, of Jesus’ omnipresence as Lord, accompanied by reverent behavior in light of that presence – a never-ending day of personal salvation?

To put it more compactly, does “a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ” refer to a point in time, or a continuing awareness?

The former cannot save from sin, for we have seen many who have had that transaction subsequently fall in spite of it.  The latter always saves from sin, for the Lord vanquishes evil with His eyes (Proverbs 20:8).

Continual awareness of the Lord is the knowledge that saves from sin.

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