Speaking for the Lord, Jeremiah said that God’s people had forsaken Him who was a fountain of living waters.  As if that wasn’t enough, they had hewn for themselves broken cisterns which could hold no water.  Their foolishness was staggering.  In a land where water was precious, they had turned away from a never-ending source of fresh water.  Then, and this was even more stunning, they had dug cisterns for themselves to hold rainwater – only the cisterns were broken and thus did not even work!

Likewise, we have forsaken the Lord.  Moreover, we have built for ourselves church after church – which can hold no water.  Oh, our hopes are always high when the new church starts.  But that hope always dries up as human frailties become manifest in the life of the congregation.  In the end, it is a gathering of human beings like any other – with no evidence of distinctively Divine blessing.

Let us forget about hewing cisterns – for our man-made cisterns are always broken.  Instead, let us seek the cisterns of the promised land.  Moses said they would be hewn cisterns which we did not dig.  That is, these are cisterns of the Lord’s own making.  These are hearts that have been circumcised by Him.  From the innermost part of each cistern shall flow rivers of living water.  This is the promised Holy Spirit in the heart of every believer.

Spiritual cisterns can be man-made or God-made.  One kind is useless; the other is dependable beyond measure.

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