Obsolete Structures

Bible history reveals that when God does a new thing, the previous structure is made obsolete.  For example, when Moses’s tabernacle came, the primitive altars were done away.  When Solomon’s temple came, the tabernacle remained but a memory.  When the church came in New Testament times, God allowed the temple to be destroyed by the Romans.  And when the kingdom of God came, the church was no longer needed. 

The kingdom of God came just when the Scriptures said it would: before the generation of Jesus’ contemporaries had completely passed away.  For more on this, see The Kingdom of God Is Here and Now  and Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again

Ever since that time, the church has belonged to Jesus.  He came for His bride just as the prophets and apostles had said He would.  The church invisible, therefore, is the only one that matters today.  We should not waste time tending to man-made churches.  The Second Coming revealed Jesus to be God and He is therefore omnipresent.  He does not need tabernacles made with human hands. 

When God does a new thing, it is vain to pursue the obsolescent structure.  God’s eternal new thing is His kingdom.  Let’s seek it (Matthew 6:33).

For more, see Seeking the Kingdom of God Instead of Church .

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