Raise Up Offspring to Your Brother

Do you try to make disciples for your church – or do you try to make disciples for Jesus Christ?  If they’re your disciples, they sit before you.  If they’re His disciples, they sit before Him.  That’s a big difference.

Judah commanded Onan to raise up offspring to his fallen brother, but Onan was unwilling because he knew the offspring would not be his.  Do you preach Christ so as to make people go away praising Him, or to come back to you week after week?  That’s a big difference.

Paul had warned that after his departure from the region of Ephesus even some of the very church leaders to whom he was speaking would seek to draw away the disciples after themselves.  They did, and even to this day church leaders are seeking to draw disciples unto themselves.

“We travel over land and sea to make one proselyte, and when we do…”

We should only seek to make disciples for Him.  If we succeed, they will pray to Him – not come to our meetings.

Ask the Lord to forgive us for seeking disciples for ourselves.  And send the sheep His way as fast as you can for He has longed to hold them.


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