Sitting at the Gates of the Kingdom of God

Multitudes are taught by today’s church leaders to sit at the gates of the kingdom of God.  Not intentionally, of course.  But when Lord bids us to seek His kingdom, and we do not teach the people how to enter, then we have effectively made them wait outside.

How does one enter the kingdom of God?  By living righteously…from the heart…in the light of Jesus our Lord.

By urging people to enter church instead of entering the kingdom, we do a disservice to them and we dishonor ourselves.  We’ve made them beggars when they were predestined to be children of the King, walking in His courts and basking in His presence daily.

Yet the Lord is able to bring them in even after all this.  Declare the glory of Jesus Christ.  Sing Him your praise.  Let the people and all the world hear your praise of His greatness and His majesty.  Let His house be full!

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