The Church Is the Lord’s, and the Fullness Thereof

The Lord reigns over His church.  I don’t mean the visible churches which you can see.  The church you can see is divided into over thirty thousand different bodies (called denominations).  I mean the church you cannot see.

The Lord reigns over those hearts that are truly His.  He knows who loves Him.  He knows who calls on Him in sincerity and truth.  He feeds them hidden manna.  With strengthened hearts, they do His will.

He is a good Shepherd and there is not a single sheep lost from His flock.  Do not fret about the Lord’s flock, for He is tending it.  Instead, speak boldly of Him.  Speak of His righteousness, speak of His judgments, speak of His love, speak of His holy presence in every human situation.

Let us not think even for a moment that a single sheep is ours.  The fullness is His.

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