The Curse of Churchianity

Christians use the epithet “churchianity” when they want to express their dismay about church programs and activities detracting from Jesus Himself.  Their indignation is just.  They know that the Light of the world should not be obscured by human institutions – yet He often is.

If churchianity is a blight on true Christianity, why then don’t we abandon it?  Probably because too many people have a vested interest in maintaining it.

What if, however, we didn’t just hack away at the leaves of churchianity, but went instead for its roots?  Indeed, like a noxious weed it keeps coming back no matter how much we trim it.  Let us cut away its taproot – which is the man-made church.  Let the flower of Christ grow among us.  He will tend His vine; He will build His church.  That is, trust Him who is invisible to build His invisible church in our midst.

Let us not try to steady God’s ark as Uzzah did.

Declare the reality of Jesus.  That is, preach Christ and let Him do the rest.  You know churchianity is cursed and it has brought trouble on every good work you have ever done for God.

Stop trying to organize people for God.  Stop trying to get them to belong to you and your group.  Instead, tell them to repent and turn to God.  Then He will direct them as He will.  If they listen, they won’t be part of your church; they’ll be part of His.

Flee churchianity and pursue Christ.

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