The Problem with Organized Religion

The problem with organized religion is the organizers – they’re not God.  They’re human.  This is a problem because it means this religion is not being managed by God.

The participants in organized religion are not the problem.  They are just trying to learn how to serve God.  It’s the organizers who need to change.

While there are a few charlatans, most organizers of organized religion mean well.  And the organization is, to a large degree, simply passed down from one generation to another.  People mindlessly accept that the status quo, especially if it’s been passed down through generations, must be God’s plan.  The Scriptures reveal otherwise.

The Bible is full of promises from God that cover life and godliness.  The Scriptures are profitable for teaching and training in righteousness.  But there’s no section to which you may go which gives God’s instructions for how to manage a church.  Oh, yes, many churches or denominations will claim this or that scripture as their charter, but it doesn’t lead to any consistent pattern of church governance because they each choose different verses.

The reason for the Bible’s silence on this subject is that the Lord Himself is managing His church.  The man-made churches of organized religion are of no interest to God.  He cares intensely for the people in them, including their leaders.  But the structure itself is an obstacle to Him.  It distracts the members from focusing on Him and on His commands for righteous living.

Organized religion would serve God better if it quit trying to organize people for Him.  Rather, its leaders should proclaim the excellencies of God and let Him direct the people however He will.

If all the shepherds of organized religion were to release their flocks to the great Shepherd of the sheep, the factions of the body of Christ would fall away and the world would see Jesus with far greater clarity than they do now.

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