Let His People Go!

The Israelites had become slaves in Egypt, assigned to the construction projects of Egypt’s king.  Moses came to Pharoah on behalf of the Lord and demanded, “Let My people go so that they might celebrate a feast to Me in the wilderness.”

Even so, the Holy Spirit today speaks on behalf of the Lord to all church leaders and commands them to let God’s people go that His people might celebrate a feast to Him in the wilderness.  What is today’s analogue to the wilderness?  Elsewhere.  That is, away from the rituals of church and into the course of daily living where the Lord longs to see righteousness.

God’s idea of worship is not a praise band or an organ.  Rather, it is a heart enthralled with Him.  God’s idea of teaching is not a sermon by a human to a congregation.  Rather, it is the Lord Himself sharing His thoughts with a quiet human heart.  God’s idea of service is not an hour up and down in a chair or pew.  Rather, it is every act of life performed as a loving sacrifice to the One who has given life to us all.

Pharoah did not want to let God’s people go because he had construction projects to complete.  Forsake your construction projects and free God’s people to worship and serve Him.  This is the kingdom of God – and the church of the New Testament gave its life that we might receive this glorious kingdom!

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