The Tower of Babel

At the dawn of creation, God had commanded humanity to fill the earth and subdue it.  There were, however, those who resisted the directive and sought to build for themselves a tower that would reach to heaven.  These people did not want to be scattered.  They wanted to remain attached to each other more than they wanted to remain attached to God.  They were determined to make a name for themselves.  The Lord’s judgment was to confuse their language so that they did not understand each other.  As a result, they abandoned the building and were scattered across the earth – the very scattering they had sought to avoid.

This story speaks of the church in our age (which is actually the kingdom age).  Its leaders have sought to make a name for themselves and keep the people together – all this in spite of the fact that Jesus commissioned His followers to be salt in the earth.  Salt does its work once it is scattered and applied.  These leaders seek to keep it in the bag.  The Lord’s judgment is to confuse their language and indeed there are over 30,000 Christian church denominations.  Even within a given denomination strife and confusion is commonplace, not rare.  So the Lord scatters them.  Church splits are as common as church formations.

What is the Lord telling us?  Serve His kingdom.  Do not try to build towers to heaven, which are really just kingdoms of men.  Rather, go into all the world and live righteously, giving praise to the name of Jesus Christ.  It’s just that simple.  It is we who have complicated it.

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