God’s Temple in the Book of Revelation

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the apostle John describes God’s new and eternal temple.  Unlike the first temple which had but one entry point, this temple has twelve gates.  There are three on each of the temple’s four sides, so that there is abundant access from any direction.  These twelve gates are always open – they never close.  Only repentant ones may enter, for liars remain on the outside and cannot enter.  The temple is in fact the Lord God Himself.

This is the kingdom of God in the midst of the earth in which we dwell.  His gates are always open to us, but we cannot enter with unclean tongues or hearts.  God invites us into His kingdom.  We are foolish to settle ourselves in tents outside that we call church.  What He calls His church are those who dwell in this temple, who walk in the light of the Lamb.

Those of us who preach Christ should preach the current presence of this temple for all who will believe in Him and live a life of repentance from their sins.  God forbid we should say it is only for when they die, or for a later age.  Jesus gave His life to provide it, and His followers died to tell about it, so that it might become available to all those who would be obedient to the Lord in any age thereafter.  This certainly includes us.

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