Isaiah 51:2

Like Abraham, Jesus was one when called.  Abraham was unique; Jesus was particularly unique.

Like Sarah to Abraham, the New Testament church was a bride to Christ.  As Sarah bore a child to Abraham in her old age, so the bride of Christ – in the old age of ancient Israel – birthed the kingdom of God from which would come myriad believers in manifold generations.  As Sarah suffered pain in the process, so the New Testament church endured persecution to the end…even dying in childbirth.

The story of Abraham and Sarah is a great one.  A man and a woman, both in advanced age and well past the normal time for child-bearing.  Miraculously, they give birth and from that one child comes forth nations.

Even so, the story of Christ is immeasurably greater!  He wasn’t just at an advanced age before He had a child – He had died!  Moreover, He had died unmarried!  Talk about being past the time for childbearing!  And His descendants are many more than Abraham’s.  Oh, the glory of the Lord and His works.  There is none like Him, yet the story of Abraham and Sarah (as do the rest of the stories in the Bible) gives us a way to begin to think about Him.

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