Who Is On the Lord’s Side?

This is the question that Moses asked when the Israelites had turned aside to form and worship a golden calf.  The people had grown weary of waiting for Moses to descend from the mountain of the Lord.  They went to his brother Aaron and pressed him to make them an idol to worship.  (They had been removed from Egypt but the Egypt had not been removed from them.)

When Moses returned to see this horrid sight, he asked his question.  It was, however, a call to service as much as it was a question.  The sons of Levi responded to the call.  They went through the camp and about 3,000 were slain that day. 

The sons of Levi were standing with Moses against the entirety of the Hebrew camp.  Numbers were not on their side.  Popularity was certainly not on their side.  But they were on the Lord’s side, and that’s what mattered.

Will you be on the Lord’s side?  Jesus Christ is calling for you to take a stand for Him in the midst of this fallen and decaying generation of which we are a part.  It is an awful thing to answer His call…but not nearly as awful as refusing it.

Our warfare is not with flesh and blood, but rather with the selfish desires which wage war against our souls.  Be strong for Jesus.  Though the world be against us, yet we overcome through Him who loves us.

Do not side with people, even if they call themselves the people of the Lord.  Side with Him.  Eventually, everyone else will join you.

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