How Did We Go from Shiloh to Ichabod?

The naming of the baby Ichabod spoke to Israel’s despair in losing the ark of the covenant that was at Shiloh.  How did Israel go from the glory of His presence to the shame of His departure?

The answer is straightforward: Israel did not walk in the ways of the Lord and dishonored His presence.  Israel’s priests were corrupt.  The Lord is righteous and His people cannot expect His glory to shine among them if they live according to their own selfish desires.

Do you remember a place in your life that was filled with the Lord’s glory?  It was wonderful.  You walked with Him, basking in His love and full of gratitude for His forgiveness of you.  Your soul was a garden and new things grew every day.  What happened?  You wandered from Him.  You drifted away.  You didn’t love righteousness and hate sin (Psalm 45:7; Hebrews 1:9).  Temptations are subtle and we can fall prey to them so casually.  By the time we catch ourselves, we may have wandered a long way away from the Lord.

Cleanse your heart.  Put away your sins, your vanities, and your trivialities.  Run to Him and He will receive you with a full and happy heart.  He is generous with His love and does not hold grudges.  But you must come with a pure heart.  He does not bless sin.

Go from Ichabod to Shiloh.  Return to your first love:  Jesus.

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