Altering the Name of This Blog

When I began this blog on March 4, 2010, it was titled “Blog for the Lord Jesus to Christian Leaders.”  I am now revising it to “A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus.”   This blog is an adjunct to my primary blog, A Nonchurchgoer’s Guide to Jesus.  This adjunct began as a way to speak to those who had greater knowledge of the Bible (the primary blog assumes minimum biblical literacy) and who had authority in the Christian movement.  While I will still sometimes speak through this blog to Christian leaders, my broader and primary focus will be to those who are familiar with the Bible – whether they are considered a Christian leader or not.

(By the way, while the title of the blog changes, the URL remains the same.  This is just the way WordPress, the mechanism through which the blog is managed and published, works.)

This slight alteration in focus broadens the audience, but, more importantly, allows me to write more positively.  Christian or institutional leadership is something I hope will cease.  That is, I hope that churches will free their people to walk with the Lord and that church leaders will step down from having authority over any believers and walk away from their churches, leaving them to disappear.  Therefore, I will always be appealing to Christian leaders that they repent and transform themselves into Christlike followers – the path I myself took.  Writing to Bible readers (which will, of course, include the former group) allows me to praise the Lord and extol His goodness in a vocabulary that will be understood and appreciated by a group of people who may or may not be in church leadership.  Repentance therefore will be part, and not the whole of, the messages.

This will continue to be a subsidiary blog to Blog for the Lord Jesus, which is written to the broadest possible audience: all my fellow human beings.

[P.S. In July 2010 I added the words “and His Kingdom” to the name of the blog because I thought it made my point about Jesus clearer:  if you would know Him, you must act on what He says.  He is not looking for mere lip service.]

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