John 3:30

Have you thought about what John the Baptist felt as he spoke these words?

John had powerful ministry.  Crowds came out to the wilderness to hear him preach.  He did not have a “feel good” ministry.  He was crying out for everyone to repent – everyone from the king, to the religious leaders, to the lowliest of society.  No one escaped his call.  This makes his success in drawing huge crowds all the more amazing.  No one else in the entire nation had a following like his.  Had he decided to lead a revolt against the Romans, it is clear that the hearts of the people would have been with him.

Nonetheless, John was pleased when his followers began leaving him to follow Jesus.  Let that sink in.  How many Christian ministers do you know who feel that way?

Let’s be like John the Baptist.  Let’s rejoice when anyone we’ve told about Jesus ignores us and walks with Him.

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