Acts 8:35

Was it an act of Providence that the Ethiopian happened to be reading a passage of Scripture that referred to Jesus – or would Philip have begun preaching Jesus to him no matter which passage of Scripture the African had been reading?  I think it was the latter.

We know that the Scriptures are about Jesus.  After He was raised, He explained to His disciples how the Scriptures testified of Him.  It’s not just the prophecies about Messiah per se, but the types, examples, foreshadowings, patterns, allusions, symbols, and such with which the Holy Book is replete.

The Bible is going to be opened many times in many places this very week alone.  How many of those times will result in Jesus being declared boldly as He was by Philip that day on the desert road to Gaza?

Do you ever open the Scriptures without seeing Jesus?  Is there anything more important to declare?  Has enough been said about Jesus so that preachers should move on to different subjects?

Philip had it right…and any of the books of the Old Testament would have served his purpose.  How much more those of the New Testament!  Let’s imitate Philip.

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