Matthew 23:2

Have you seated yourself in the chair of Jesus? 

The scribes and Pharisees had seated themselves in the chair of Moses.  They assumed that they had inherited his mantle, that they were his successors until Messiah came.  Similarly, today pastors and others have seated themselves in the Lord’s chair until His return.  Unfortunately for them, He has already returned and they don’t know it.  (For more on this, see Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again .)

More importantly, they presume to speak for the Lord when He is perfectly capable of speaking for Himself.  I know what this burden is like.  I used to be a pastor and feel the pressure to teach people how to live.  How liberating it is now to know that the reason I felt inadequate for that task is that I was.  Jesus is more than adequate if people will only turn to Him.  If people won’t turn to Him, your teaching is not going to help them anyway.

Our job is to call attention to Jesus.  If we succeed at that, He can teach the people (us included) all they need to know.

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