Let God’s People Serve Him

You invite people to your church and try to get them involved in some volunteer activity.  You do this because you believe it is good for them to serve the Lord this way but also because you know it makes them more likely to stick with the church.  People with responsibilities and personal relationships at church make for more permanent members than those who just attend a worship service.  I know you do this because I used to do it when I was a pastor.  All my pastor friends did it, too.  We all mean well, but our motives aren’t pure.

The problem with this is that such service only burdens people who already come to us with responsibilities and personal relationships.  We’ve been deceived into thinking we’re helping them when we are only weighing them down.  Instead, we should tell them about Jesus, let them repent and live for Him.  If they do this, they will be serving God in their existing responsibilities and personal relationships.  And the redemption of society will have been begun.

We’ve unwittingly made people think that only when they’re serving the local church are they serving God – even if that makes them neglect family and work relationships which desperately need His redemption.  (Our solution to that problem is to have people invite their families and co-workers to church with them – how convenient for us!)

Therefore, which will it be:  Let the people serve God where they are, or make them come to us and serve our organizations?  (Do you want to have to give an account to God for having assigned His people extra duties?)

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