Give the People Back Their Time

Church activities demand time from time-starved people.  Most of the people who come to your church are busy.  Getting them involved in church programs just makes them busier.   When will they have time to simply wait upon the Lord?  When will they be able to meditate on His presence and His word?

Since you and I speak in the name of Christ, we should be trying to help them find Him – not make it harder.  How can we tell them to spend time with the Lord and then in the same breath demand that they spend time with our programs and ministries?  We’re suffocating them. 

Tell the people that they don’t have to spend time in your services or programs and to use that time to spend with God.  If they do it, they will hear from Him and be blessed.  And you can feel good about that.

Yes, you might lose your church in the process – but Jesus will be gaining His.  And you can feel good about that, too.

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