Matthew 23:10

I call you “Christian Leaders” on this blog because this is what the world calls you, and it’s what you call yourselves.  It’s obvious from this verse, however, that there is only one leader of the people of God – our glorious Lord Jesus Christ.

Why then do we wiggle around this verse, ignoring its obvious direction?

We should throw down our leadership roles and spend our lives praising Him.  If we did, men would turn to Him.  As it is, however, we keep trying to turn them to our leadership.  This negates His.  Tragedy!

Jesus Christ is the sole leader of the people of God.  He is not their chief leader – He is their sole leader.

Stop trying to be a Christian leader and go back to being Christ’s follower.  Therein is salvation – not just for you, but for those who listen to you.

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