I Am But a Little Child

I am not as rich or as powerful or as wise as Solomon, and I am certainly not a king.  But we have a wisdom that even Solomon himself did not have.  We have the resurrected Son of David! 

Jesus Christ has become unto us wisdom from God.  We have no wisdom of ourselves – at least I don’t.  Knowing and revering Him is the only wisdom I have…but it’s more than enough.

Do I write this blog because I think I’m smart?  No.  Do I write it because I think I’m better than anyone else?  No.  How can I write some things so boldly?  Because they are simple truths that the Lord has revealed.  Woe to me if I do not make them known.

Solomon included in his prayer for wisdom the acknowledgement, “I am but a little child.”  Jesus said we should become as children if we want to inherit the kingdom.  I have found this quest liberating.  That’s why I heartily invite you to join it.  If you’ve already attained it, then be patient with me and I may eventually catch up with you.

Again, my declarations are not born of my intelligence (I’m not that smart); they are born of His truth…which is made available to all of us.

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