Candles and Candlesnuffers

The Lord lights candles; the churches snuff them out.

A candlesnuffer covers the flame and deprives it of oxygen, thus quenching it.  Churches seek to give covering to believers, depriving them of the oxygen of faith in the process.  Perhaps not all churches do this; certainly some are far more authoritarian than others.  Yet any church that tells a believer that church attendance is a commandment of God has begun the smothering process.  There is no such commandment.

When churches preach Jesus, they light candles.  When they seek members, they snuff them.  Oh, that churches would drop their efforts to attract and retain members and give all their attention to making Jesus known.  Alas, they’re more concerned with self-preservation than with proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom.

Even a dimly burning wick, God will not extinguish.  He desires every human being to be a candle of the Lord.  If only the candlesnuffers could be removed, how bright a light in this dark world might His candles be!

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