The Heavens Are Telling of the Glory of God

These words from Psalm 19 have often been used to evoke awe for God’s hand in the work of creation.  And, indeed, His work is worthy of all such awe.

There is, however, a greater meaning to which the words refer – that is, the glory of the heavens to which Jesus ascended after His resurrection.  At that point, the heavens began declaring the glory of God in a whole new way.  The seed of the woman, who had been bruised on the heel, had overcome the seed of the serpent and was now sitting at the right hand of Power.

That was nothing, however, when compared to the shouting and praise that occurred when he who had the power of death was cast down and the sea gave up her dead to the heavens.  Then Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the dead in Christ were raised to be seated at His table in the kingdom of God.  So great were those shouts of praise that they’re still resounding today.

Yes, the heavens are declaring the glory of God with a passion, clarity, and brilliance that is even greater than the physical skies we see.

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