Isaiah 2:3

What do you teach about this verse?  How do we “go up” to the house of the Lord.?

I have heard it taught as a call to church attendance but you probably know that is off base.  For one thing, the verse speaks of “house” not “houses” of the Lord.

This house of the Lord is none other than the heavenly Jerusalem where our Lord dwells in glory.  The transportation we take to get there is not automobile but rather faith.

This verse is obviously a summons to worship.  I hope you have been using it as a summons to worship the Lord on His holy hill.  What use do the people have for our ant hills when they have the mighty and majestic mountain of the Lord before them?  What use do they have of our sermons when they can hear from the great Teacher themselves if they will but listen by faith in their conscience?

Yes, indeed, this is a divine summons to worship.  Let us sound it with all of our hearts.  We who speak for Christ on earth are His trumpets, blasting forth the call that the King is seated on His throne and will dispense wisdom to all His subjects who approach Him in humility and with a view to doing what is right.

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