Do You Warn People About God’s Judgments?

We are all being judged by the God who loves us.  And those of us who speak in the name of Christ come under even stricter judgment. 

It is an awesome and fearful thing to recognize that every thought, every word that comes out of our mouths is subject to the judgment of an almighty and holy God.

We have no right to be cavalier about these things.  It is not even in our interest to regard them lightly.

Not only must we keep our own way pure, we must not shrink from declaring to those who listen to us the necessity of their repenting of their sins, too.  Even though everyone is going to heaven, our behavior still matters very much.  If you have not warned sinners, ask for His forgiveness.

Let us ask Him to guard our hearts and watch our thoughts that we might not sin against Him.  And all the more so since we speak to others in His name.

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