How Do We Promote the Word of God?

We who speak in the name of Christ promote the word of God by continually emphasizing the fact that God speaks.  As the living God, He is not mute like an idol.  He is “the Word.”

He speaks through the Scriptures.  He speaks through creation.  Most importantly, He speaks by His Holy Spirit to human hearts. 

We must not peddle the word of God (2 Cor 2:17).  We must not adulterate the word of God (2 Cor 4:2). 

Our whole purpose in declaring the word of God is to make known to people that He is speaking to them directly, apart from us.

Thus, we must tell people not to look to our word for direction in their lives – they must look to His word.

We must insist to them that they can hear Him without having to listen to us. 

We must be silent when it’s time for them to listen to Him.

Preach Jesus Christ.  Tell people to listen to Him!

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