Preach Dependence on God and Independence from People

Through the practice of church today, people are taught to be dependent on each other, making them independent of God.

The church and its ministers present themselves as God’s intermediaries, calling themselves the body of Christ.  Then they tell new believers that association with church is a must: “One must not be separated from the body of Christ.”  Such practices inculcate not the fear of God but rather the fear of man.  Besides that, the churches are not even connected to each other – there are thousands of denominations, each claiming legitimacy but not granting it to all the others.  Are they not being hypocritical when they then tell others not to be separated from the body of Christ?

If you teach someone to depend on other believers, you doom him to disappointment.  God, on the other hand, never lies.

If you would preach Christ and see Him glorified, declare His sufficiency to every new believer.  Stress that God will be the new believer’s “all in all.”  Emphasize that “the arm of flesh” will fail us; only God’s arm is strong enough to save.

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