Why Your Church Doesn’t Put God First

Your church doesn’t put God first because if it did, it would go out of business – for that’s what the church is:  a business.  It has customers, revenues, expenses, operations – all the characteristics of a business. 

You have to teach on tithing, you have to receive offerings, you have to seek volunteers to staff the various ministries of the church.  Without the time and money of the members or participants in your church, you can’t continue the ministry.  The church has to turn away from the commandments of God and focus on self-preservation in order to survive.

You may have convinced yourself that God wants all this but you can’t find commandments in the Bible that tell you how to operate a church.  Oh, different churches will pick a verse here and a verse there to justify their practices, but the Bible says so little about the operation of a church that people are forced to invent procedures for them – especially about how they’re governed.  If God wanted churches to succeed the New Testament church, wouldn’t He have left instructions about how that should occur?   

Because the New Testament church put God first, we know about the kingdom of God.  They were thrilled at the prospect of exchanging church for that kingdom.  Why do we keep clinging to the remains of what they were ready to discard?   For their sake, let us cease the vain imitation of church and pursue the kingdom of God with all our hearts. 

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