The Human Race Is the Body of Christ

One of the problems with church today is that it sets up distinctions between people – distinctions that God does not want to exist.  Is there a man you meet who is not your brother?  A woman you’ve found who is not your sister?  We are all born of flesh.  Jesus did not die so that humanity could continue to be separated.  He did not choose Abraham in order to create separations, but rather that separations might be ended and people might be brought back together.

Yes, in the New Testament age, the church was the body of Christ.  That was when there was only of them (the apostles would not tolerate separations in it).  But the church age gave way to the kingdom age when Jesus returned in His Father’s kingdom.  Since then He has reigned over all humanity.  Everyone is now in Christ. 

God would never be content ruling over only a portion of humanity.  He was unwilling that even one soul should be conceded to Satan.  See every person you meet as an extension of the body of Christ.  Do not reject this idea on the basis that some members of the body are of little or no use to the cause of Christ, because you previously accepted your church as the body when you had the same perception of it.

We are one in the Spirit.  We are one in the Lord.  Love everyone equally and make no distinctions among yourselves.  God may make distinctions – that’s His prerogative.  We, however, are not allowed to make them.  We are to regard everyone as a servant of the Lord, and to his own Master that other person stands or falls.  And to that same Master do you and I stand or fall.

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