Did You Dedicate Your Life to Being a Meeting Promoter?

Those of you who promote church instead of the kingdom of God are promoting meetings over the keeping of God’s commandments. 

I know most of you have good intentions.  Your hope is that by getting people to come to church regularly, they can hear the commandments.  You believe also that they’ll be around other like-minded people of faith who will encourage them and help them stay faithful.  The first problem with this is that it connects people to you and your congregation rather than to God.  The second problem is that it doesn’t work (and the first problem is why it doesn’t work).

You know that church is a monster that must be constantly fed.  If it dies, you lose your source of income.  For this reason you have to keep it going.  If the church were the kingdom of God would this be the case?

As a church leader, your life is consumed with how you can get people to come to your church’s meetings (i.e. worship services, programs, activities).  And if enough people come, your concern shifts to how to get them to donate enough money to pay the expenses associated with those meetings.  Is this why you gave your life to the Lord – to be a meeting promoter?  Don’t you long for more spirituality than this?

We’ve gotten way, way off track.  With church, the means has become the end.  Let’s drop the means and go straight to the end: Jesus Christ our Lord.  Live for Him.  Obey Him.  Tell others about Him.  But don’t try to build Him something that He doesn’t want and doesn’t need: your church.  He already has one of His own. 

Forget your meetings.  Let your sheep join His flock.  And don’t forget to join it yourself.

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