Thy Kingdom Come

Do you pray “Thy kingdom come?”  Toward what purpose?  If His kingdom came would you receive it?  What if it meant a choice between your church meetings and receiving the kingdom – would you choose the kingdom over those church meetings?

His kingdom has come.  It is here today and has been since the days of the New Testament closed.  Though it has been hidden from you, you can receive it now.  It has always been present when the winds of revival have blown because it has been the kingdom moving in those winds.  Many of the people in the church over the years have been affected by the winds, but the church itself is a man-made structure impervious to them.

Many people will not let go of the old when God brings the new.  This was certainly true of the Pharisees.  They had long waited for a Messiah who would deliver them.  When He did not match their preconceived notions, however, they rejected Him and clung to their traditions.  Today’s Pharisees are doing the same thing: they are clinging to their traditions of church even though the Lord’s kingdom is available to them.  I hope you are different.

O Lord, show a man what he may let go of, in order that he may grasp the things that You are offering. 

Receive His kingdom now.  Walk in the light of His glorious presence.  Serve Him in everything that you do.  The church age is over.  The kingdom for which we have prayed, lo, these many years has come.  When the Son of Man comes, He asked, will He find faith on the earth?  I pray He finds it in your heart right now. 

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