Jesus Is the Seed of the Parables

You know of Jesus’ parables.  You also know that many of them had to do with seed growing to harvest.  You also know that He designated the parable of the sower as foundational to the rest.  That is, if we couldn’t grasp that parable, the others were probably out of reach.

What He did not say explicitly in the Scriptures, but what we know just as well, is that He Himself is the supreme application of those parables. 

Jesus Himself is the seed sown.  Jesus Himself grows to a hundredfold harvest in good soil.  Jesus Himself grows in hearts day and night – how, we ourselves do not know.  Jesus Himself was the smallest of seeds on the way to becoming the largest of plants.  Jesus Himself was the good seed, next to which were sown tares. 

Revisit the parables and be consumed with Him who is our life.  Be done with church.  Be done with the trappings of ministry.  Let your life be your ministry and let your praise of Him overflow into a harvest of souls in His image that you would never have achieved with your former manner of life. 

In other words, return to Jesus forsaking all else…and receive a hundredfold return of Him.

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