Do Not Withhold Good

You know that the Scriptures say that we should not withhold good from those to whom it is due when we it is within our power to do it.  Therefore, if we see a man in need and have the resources to help him, we should help.

You also know that the Scriptures tell us that hope deferred makes the heart sick.  Therefore, if we do not have the present ability to help the man but promise to provide it later, we should send the help as soon as we are able.  It almost goes without saying that we should not continually put off fulfillment of our obligation.

It’s clear that God led the early church to expect the return of the Lord and the coming of the kingdom before their entire generation passed away.  Almost every page of the New Testament pulsates with this hope.  The sense of expectation is palpable.  Yet here we are, dozens of generations since that time, and some people say that the Lord still has not fulfilled that promise.  That would mean that He has led generation after generation to expect something that He promised, but has still not delivered – almost two thousand years since He said the time would be “soon.”  How can this be?

The answer is that it cannot be!  It cannot be that God would make the hearts of His people sick…time after time.  It’s always been in His power to effect the coming of the kingdom.  How could He withhold what He Himself had promised and led His people to expect? 

The good news is that God has not withheld from us the good that He promised.  He has not made our hearts sick by a repeated deferring of our hope.  Rather, He did everything He promised in the time frame that He promised.  The Lord has come…and has reigned over heaven and earth ever since!  (Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again )

Therefore, do not proclaim the Lord Jesus who is to come again.  Instead, proclaim the Lord Jesus who has come again just as He said and who reigns forevermore.  Those who have eyes of faith see Him now…and serve Him gladly!

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