Israel Is a Type of Humanity

If you are a Christian leader, you know that the Bible is filled with shadows and types.  Israel in the Old Testament is a type of humanity in the kingdom of God.

When Jesus is king, Israel flourishes as it did under David and Solomon.  When people disregard Jesus and seek other gods, the experience resembles that of Israel under its weaker kings.  When every person does what is right in their own eyes, the earth resembles Israel in the days of the book of Judges when there was no king in Israel.

Note that I did not say Israel was a type of the church.  Rather it is a type of all humanity.  In this context, the northern kingdom of Israel which split off from the house of Judah is a type of today’s church. 

Thus the post-apostolic church needs to forsake its separated identity and return to the Lion of the tribe of Judah as its King.  If it truly wanted to serve the Lord’s anointed, it would serve only Jesus and not set up kings (be they called pastor, pope, or anything else) of their own, declaring (falsely) that they are the true kingdom of Israel.

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