The Parable of the Unjust Steward

If you have believers in the Lord devoted to you as their spiritual leader for the Lord, then you would do well to mimic the steward in Jesus’ parable who was found squandering his master’s possessions. 

Let the Lord’s servants go to Him that they might serve Him.  During their time with  you, you laid burdens upon them, usually in the name of the Lord.  Maybe it was about church attendance.  Maybe it was about volunteer service in church, ministry, or organization programs.  Maybe it was financial commitments you asked them to make to you or your organization for the Lord’s sake.  In any case, free them from these obligations.  Set them completely at liberty and you will find other comfort and care for yourself when they have all gone.

Above all, however, be sure to let them go.  They are the Lord’s sheep and you and I should never have taken them – even if we were well-intentioned.  We may have been blind, but now we see.  The earth is the Lord’s and the sheep are the Lord’s.  He is able to care for them.  We may proclaim Him.  In fact, we should proclaim Him.  But we cannot take His place.  He alone is the Shepherd, the Pastor, the Ruler, and the Teacher of the people.

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