Disband the Brothers

If you are a Christian leader, you probably have a band of followers.  If so, disband them.   Disband them that they might be of a band with the Lord instead.  He is the only true Christian leader (Matthew 23:10). 

The Lord does not bond to people through you.  He bonds to people directly.  He is the living God.

Jesus desires all men to live together in harmony.  That goal is hard enough without you or I taking people and binding them to ourselves in the name of the Lord.  This only creates more relationships and more temptations for them.  Now they have to spread their energy across double the human demands.  Moreover, they’ll be expecting your band of brothers to treat them better than their natural band of brothers – and in that regard they will often be sorely disappointed. 

We have no call to try to create the family of God.  The true family of God is humanity – of which people are already a part.  Our role is to praise Him, calling attention to His omnipresence and His moral excellence!  If we do that, brothers will bond and the family of God will find peace.

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