Do You Love Church More Than the Kingdom?

Why do you cling to church instead of embracing the kingdom?  Was not the church God’s ark of salvation to carry His people into the promised land of the kingdom?

When the perfect is come, the partial is done away.  Why do you continue to hold fast to the partial?  Do you need more evidence that the church is not the perfect?  Look around you.

What have you thought, or even said, about the Jews who would not let go of the temple when He who was greater than the temple came on the scene?  Because they loved the temple more than the new thing God was doing, they were left with what they loved – only it had become empty of the Lord.  Ichabod.

He who gave the tabernacle in the wilderness gave the temple to replace it.  He who gave the temple gave the church to replace it.  He who gave the church gave the kingdom to replace it.  Embrace the kingdom.  That’s where God is now.

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