Go Back to Your Beginnings

Go back to your beginnings with the Lord.  Remember that sense of blessing that you had? 

Go back to the gospel of Jesus Christ that was preached to you.  Remember how you thought and felt in that moment?

It is other gospels you have heard since then that have blown you off course.  Other influences have entered into your life and brought you into bondage whereas it was Christ who had made you free.

Go back to the purity and simplicity of devotion to Jesus Christ that you once had.  You loved Him above all others and you were prepared to do anything to serve Him.

You did not learn about church and all its trappings from the Spirit who taught you about Jesus.

If you go back to your beginnings, and reinforce those truths that He Himself has made known to you, then you can walk closely with Him once again.

Remember:  Jesus first.  Jesus last.  Jesus always.

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