Apostolic Covering

Have you ever been asked if you have an apostolic covering?  Not all segments of the church have had to deal with the issue of “covering” so you may not be aware of this.  Yet the argument takes other forms in other segments of the church so that it is found in some form everywhere. 

Here’s a universal way of stating the issue: “To whom will you, as a Christian, be submitted so that you are protected from entering into spiritual error?”  The premise is that an individual cannot live his life exclusively with the Lord.  He must be in fellowship with other believers lest he go astray. 

Of course, all this is pure folly.  If fellowship or covering was sufficient to protect against error we wouldn’t have all the sin we have in the churches today: child molestation, adultery, divorce, greed, and on and on the list goes, including every sin known to mankind.  Sometimes the churches with the most covering have the most sins.

People who press you about covering are after something.  They either want your money, your allegiance, or your praise – and maybe they want all of these things. 

The next time someone asks you about your apostolic covering or fellowship, tell them that the apostle and high priest of your confession is the Lord Jesus Christ and you enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

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