Reform the Clergy or Eliminate It?

You may wonder if I address Christian leaders in hope of reforming the clergy or eliminating it.  My hope is that it will be eliminated in the flesh and reformed in the spirit.

By eliminated in the flesh, I mean that I hope the church and all its clergy go away.  The church robs believers of their God-given liberty and enslaves them to the needs and purposes of the church.  This is true whether the church is worldwide in scope, is a local nondenominational church, or even a house church of a few people.  Church was only ordained by God for New Testament times.  Since then His kingdom has prevailed.  And since then, the church has fought the kingdom for the hearts of believers, telling all who would listen, “Those of you who would serve God must serve me.”   

By reformed in the spirit, I mean that every person in the clergy who knows Jesus Christ will praise Him daily and tell others of His goodness.  This does not require a paid position in a church or ministry.  In fact, spreading the gospel should not be a way of making money.  Otherwise, those of us who speak of Him are simply peddlers of God’s word.  We who know something of the Scriptures can freely share what we know as we have occasion.  But we must always respect every other person’s relationship with the Lord and never insert ourselves between Him and the person (which is what church does).

Therefore, I urge all of you who are considered Christian clergy: cast aside your ministerial title and status.  Live for the Lord, and sing His praise.  And if that means that you will sell hot dogs instead of passing the offering plate for your income, then know that you will have exchanged shame for glory.

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