We Who Had Sweet Fellowship Together

Such sad words that David writes here.  He describes a very painful moment. 

This is not the distance that separates two who do not know each other.  Rather, it is the estrangement of two who were once very close.

Imagine how Jesus felt, having been with the apostolic church every step of their persecuted and glorious journey.  So intimate was He with His church, and so closely did He identify with it, that in His challenging rebuke to Saul of Taurus He had cried out, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?”  The church was His bride.  He loved her as He loved His own flesh.

Imagine then how He felt as the apostles dwindled in number due to their faithful witness in the face of the ultimate persecution.  The love of many of the remaining grew cold and church leaders, loving to be first, began to draw the disciples to themselves.  He was not surprised for He had foreseen the apostasy, and He had warned through His apostles that it would happen.  Yet as with Judas, knowing ahead of time did not lessen the severity of His wound.  This rejection did not come from those who never knew Him.  Rather, it came from His companions and familiar friends, those who had walked with Him in the house of God in the throng.

Then there came the moment when there was a great separation of sheep and goats, invisible to earth but fully visible to heaven. The Lord chose His glorious church which was without spot or wrinkle, gladly giving them the kingdom; He simulataneously cast aside those who had chosen earthly structure and worldly power, and left them outside His kingdom. 

Decide today whose spiritual descendants you will be: whether those who set their minds on a heavenly Shepherd or those who set their minds on earthly shepherds.  Least of all, should you be like those earthly shepherds who sought the sheep for themselves.  Peter denied the Lord, but he did not betray Him and he did not take money for his betrayal as Judas had.  May God have mercy on us all.

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