In Christ

Many of you are familiar with the “in Christ” scriptures.  This refers to passages where this brief phrase (and similar ones such as “in Him”) occur.  Paul used them extensively to make known the great things God has done for those in Christ.  You’ll recall that “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things have passed away and new things have come.”  And this is but one example.

In New Testament days it was believers who were in Christ, who thus were the first fruits of God’s harvest, the earnest on His inheritance, and were consequently allowed to taste the powers of the age to come.  When that new age came, with the coming of the promised kingdom, the whole world came under the authority of Christ.  Therefore, it was no longer just the church who received these benefits, but the whole of humanity.  All things became new.  Jesus wasn’t just at the right hand of God anymore; He was sitting on the throne.  Yes, there was a place of refuge in the midst of the judgments of the earth for those faithful and obedient to the Lord.  But even those who were disobedient were only a process of repentance away from entrance into the temple of the Lord’s peace. 

Thus today, every person is in Christ and every person is new inside.  No, they are not all showing it – but then for years you’ve seen professed believers in your ministry that didn’t always show it.  For years, we have told believers who they were in Christ so that they might be encouraged.  Knowing of the kingdom’s reach, you should now tell every person who they are in Christ that they might become believers.  Believing won’t make it so; rather, they can believe it because it is so.

The whole world is in Christ.  If this is not so, then Jesus did not come when He promised and we are all still in our sins.  Yet He did come when He promised, so I say again: every human being is in Christ.

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