Why Do You Distract Believers?

Christian leaders, why do you distract those who believe in the Lord?  You seek them for your congregations.  You lay the burdens of volunteer work and financial responsibility for your ministry on them.  You thus rob them of two precious resources: time and money.  The Lord wants to be able to direct the deployment of their treasure Himself.  
And why do you tell the people they must relate to you as their pastor and to fellow believers as their brothers – as if you were all part of some elite subset of humanity?  Do these people who are interested in Christ not have enough human relationships already?  
Recognize that you have not just distracted these followers of Christ – you have distracted yourself as well.  Your ministry is a beast that requires your constant feeding lest it consume you.  Return yourself to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.  He will bless you beyond measure if you do.
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