The “Instead of Going to Church, Pray” 30-Day Challenge

Christian leaders, here’s a challenge for you to issue to your flocks:  Ask your people to spend the next 30 days giving all their church time directly to God.  That is, if they would spend two hours total on Sunday morning at church (service time, commute time, and prep time), then have them spend that time alone with the Lord.  Have them do the same for every church program and activity over the next month.  In other words, you won’t see them for thirty days, but God will be seeing them instead.  If you have a media or traveling ministry, ask your followers to give the time directly to God that they would spend reading, watching, or listening to your materials.  In both cases, have them give all the money that they would be giving you directly to the poor.  When the thirty days are up, ask them what they learned from the experience.
Do you think it would be acceptable to God for you to conduct such an experiment?  Would He mind having the people come directly to Him?  Would He protest if the money would be going to the poor?
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