There Are No Factions in the Kingdom of God

In the last days, the church was a Jewish sect.  Even before that, there was a division between the descendants of Abraham and all the rest of humanity.  With the coming of the kingdom of God, however, all factions, parties, and divisions were done away.  The kingdom came at the close of the apostolic age in spiritual glory and wonder, away from the fleshly eyes of worldly viewing.  No more would God be dealing with the one race, the descendants of one man.  The kingdom of God brought a renewal in which there was no such thing as Jew or Gentile, slave or free, Greek or barbarian.  We are all one in Christ and hence all divisions have been washed away.
Therefore, when you separate yourself from your fellow-man claiming that you have the God that they are without, you become a faction, a party, a division.  You thus separate yourself from the grace of God – doing yourself and your neighbor a wrong.  Instead, you should see Christ in your neighbor.  If he does not see Christ in himself, then be patient with him until He does.  Remain one with him in spirit and in heart.  Do not lord your awareness over him.
When you present yourself to the world as the church or as a Christian, you present Christ as a faction in the world.  He is not a faction.  He is the God who fills the heavens and the earth.  He gives us each breath we take.  In Him we all live and move and have our being.  Therefore, speak of Christ as a shared inheritance of humanity – not as the province of any subset of humans.
As the New Testament saints looked to the Old Testament for types, so we in the kingdom must look to the New Testament for types.  The church in the New Testament is a type of the kingdom of God.  That is, as the apostles urged the New Testament church to live in peace without divisions, so should we as a human race seek to live in peace without divisions.  As God perfected the church, so we should let Him perfect the human race.  As Paul told the church in Corinth, they should not divide – not even in the name of Christ (1 Cor 1:12).
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