Where Does Repentance Fit Into Your Ministry?

Do you tell people they should repent?  Do you emphasize the point, or gloss over it?  Are you afraid people won’t follow you if you talk too much about repentance?

As a Christian leader, you know that repentance was an essential element of the good news message.  From John the Baptist, through Jesus, and all the apostles, the gospel was consistently preached:  Repent and believe!  This came from a rich tradition, for the Old Testament prophets were noted for their consistent call for wayward Israel to return to the Lord.  Of course, their work was built on the foundation of Moses who could be quite strong in his denunciations of the Israelites.  In fact, his frustration with them on one occasion caused him to be deprived of personally entering the promised land.  Even Moses, however, wasn’t the beginning, for Noah, and Enoch before him, had also called for repentance.

Thus the Bible reveals the centrality of repentance to the message of God.  How could anyone speak in God’s name and ignore it?

Let me ask also about repentance in your own life.  How important is it to you in your walk with God?  How can you walk with God without it?

If repentance is not relevant in your personal life, it would not likely be relevant in your ministry.

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