Why Do You Lord It Over God’s Flock?

Why do you accept a role overseeing a portion of God’s flock when He said that whoever would be great in His kingdom should be as a servant and a child?

You have not usurped His role as shepherd maliciously or even consciously.  It was just tradition.  It’s the way things have been handed down to you. But the Scriptures tell us differently, and it is the Scriptures to which we must be true.

Deep down you know that you should not be lording it over God’s people.  You are one of God’s children, but He has not put you in charge of others for He is fully capable of being Father to them all.  Besides that, you have spiritual struggles of your own – which makes you the blind leading the blind.  Tradition has misled you, but God’s word will guide you rightly.

Tradition told you that this role of leadership was appropriate, but God’s word tells you not to be called rabbi, teacher, father, or leader.  Do you think that because your title is a synonym and not literally one of these four words that you will be excused?

Peter said that when the Chief Shepherd appeared, He would award the faithful shepherds.  He did appear, just when He said He would, and all who were sanctified saw Him as He was: God Almighty.

Seek God to learn how He would have you to serve people without having spiritual authority over them.

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