Do You Teach Holiness?

Christian leaders, do you teach holiness?  You know from the book of Hebrews that holiness, or sanctification,  is required for anyone to see the Lord.

As important as holiness is, none of us is qualified to teach it. We can tell people about the one who is holy, but only He can teach it, and only He can impart it to them.

“You shall be holy for I am holy.”  You know these words of the Lord.  Yes, they are sobering.

Because we know that holiness is essential for God’s people and because we know that we ourselves are not capable of teaching it, we should recognize that the Lord must teach His people.  Therefore, we should stand aside and let Him.  Equally important, we need to sit for this teaching ourselves because we need His holiness as much as anyone.

How strange that some people should call men of the cloth holy – as if our institutions could impart holiness by designating someone for ministry.  It is not those who are affiliated with human institutions who are holy but rather those who are affiliated with the Lord.

Let us abandon these God-forsaken institutions and walk in His cleansing light.

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