Do You Know Who Is Obeying God?

Christian leader, do you know who in your congregation is obeying God and who is not?  If you do not know, how can you be their spiritual leader?

You not only don’t know who in your flock is being obedient and who is being disobedient, you don’t know it about the people you are seeking to visit and join your church either.  For all you know, they could be living relatively righteous lives without going to church and then fall into sin with a member of your church.  It’s happened.

You cannot see the secrets of human hearts, and therefore you are in no position to know whether a congregant needs a rebuke or a pat on the back.  A person’s thought life alone is completely out of your purview.  And then there’s the fact that they are only in your church for a portion of the 168 hours in a week.  You don’t know what they are doing the rest of the time.  Are you beginning to recognize that you are completely inadequate to be a spiritual shepherd to these people.

I will tell you who is not inadequate:  Jesus our Lord.  Let Him shepherd the sheep.  And while your at it, join the flock.  You need shepherding, too.

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